January Carnival of Aces Collection

Well, it’s February! Which means that the January Carnival of Aces is done. Thank you to everyone who posted! I enjoyed reading everything and getting insight into other people’s experiences in, and ideas about, relationship stages.

Here are the links.

Ace of Swords wrote about their personal experience with unrequited romantic feelings, and their concluding statements about unrequited love NOT being tragic:

Sara wrote about letting relationships develop as they may rather than trying to start a specific relationship intentionally, given the lack of scripts and signals for the types of relationships they’re interested in:

Thicket wrote down an example list of stages for a developing friendship, including the unpleasant parts:

luvtheheaven started off writing in Part 1 about her personal experience in trying to start up partner relationships online and compares the stages there with the stages of this new face-to-face relationship that has started up rather serendipitously:

and then in Part 3 talks about relationships that don’t have stages—or at least not scripts and trajectories set out by cultural norms:

Siggy notes the distinction between talking about mechanical stages and emotional stages as a relationship develops, and also notes that there are multiple conflicting narratives regarding relationships which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to know what expectations he’s even counfounding as a gray-romantic ace:

I spent a lot of time just walking myself through my own experience with fantasy relationships and the difference between developing those versus a new real relationship:

Jo wrote a useful article on the concept of the Relationship Escalator in generally-accepted social norms and the effect is has on the way both asexual people and non-romantic relationships are understood and treated:

luvtheheaven, in Part 2, responded to Siggy and Jo by discussing how learning about general stages can be useful in some circumstances, but how generalizations don’t work for everybody—including in parenthood and for asexual people:

Aqua describes their personal experience with a one-sided romantic relationship and the conflicting interpretations of the relationship’s stages:

The February Carnival of Aces is being hosted by It’s An Ace Thing with the topic Platonic Attraction!


About kaikiky

Ky: agender, sex-repulsed asexual, aromantic, asocial, vegan, English PhD candidate, enjoys writing fantasy (fan)fiction
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5 Responses to January Carnival of Aces Collection

  1. luvtheheaven says:

    Thanks for hosting this Carnival! 😉


  2. Jo says:

    Thanks for putting this together! A lovely read. 🙂


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